Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cult Writing

I've always liked cult writing, cult music, cult films, but wonder if we've somehow done with all that and need to find a new word. Antony and the Johnsons winning the Mercury prize is a case in point. Its impossible to find this stuff out for yourself nowadays, its in your face as soon as its made. Hard to know whether I'd like it or not, he sounded like the sublime Liz Fraser singing "Song to the siren" but I'm not sure I can deal with that just at the moment. Poignancy has it's limits. I discovered another nominee, the Go Team, by chance, and kind of think they're the real recommendation. The cult is well and truly dead, J.K. Rowling is probably responsible for the "cult" of Harry Potter, and Nick Hornby is a "cult" writer. We need a new word, and if we new writers can't find one, then who can? I suggest every time you see the word "cult" substitute the word "good" and see if it fits. "Good" could well be the new cult. It will certainly be much rarer.

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