Saturday, March 01, 2008

Art March

A few announcements today. In that its the time of year, (white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits), when we step out of our winter clobber and start thinking about "2008" as a real entity. So I went to my first gig of the year on Tuesday, the excellent (and somewhat joyous) the Hold Steady - kind of like Phil Silvers fronting the E Street Band to look at. In their world its always 1978, but a febrile version of that year, where the Clash, Lou Reed, Fleetwood Mac and Cheap Trick happily co-exist. They're a new band for old people - the audience was all 40somethings - which is an interesting development in itself. Next week there's some literary and art events going on, Andy Leyland, a friend, but also an excellent oil painter has a collection of new paintings on display at the Arison gallery in Chorlton. I'm looking forward to Monday's preview even if it does clash with the Lamport Court/Parameter/Ugly Tree reading at the Briton's Protection. Its a packed programme so I'll see if I can make both. I'd particularly like to see Chris McCabe read - a regular in Lamport Court from when I was involved in the magazine - and, in "The Hutton Report", writer of one of my favourite books of poetry of the last few years. And current LC editor Neil Campbell reads from his Salt collection, "Broken Doll" on Wednesday at the Thirsty Scholar alongside 2 other local writers. Somehow I've got to fit in a birthday meal, and since I've hardly been in the flat for a fortnight, would actually quite like to stay in a bit! Not that easy in art March.

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