Saturday, January 24, 2009


Coming Soon :-
No Point in Not Being Friends 7 27th Jan
Edwin Morgan, a Celebration - 30th Jan
Philip Davenport Book Launch - 30th Jan
The Other Room - 4th Feb
Manchester Social Media Cafe - 3rd Feb

See you there...?


Dave said...

Hmm, would love to catch your session at SMC. When's its next outing?

Bournemouth Runner said...

Well, I'm doing it on 3rd Feb, all being well - will have to see how it goes - but imagine it will be a bit of an evolving piece... so it might get an outing some other time.

Bournemouth Runner said...

Ah, realise - your doing the other session - likewise, thought yours sounds interesting...

davemee said...

Let's swap slides after!