Thursday, February 19, 2009

Manchester Again

I've been both busy and unwell so don't feel I've done much that's creative at all in the last few weeks. I kickstarted the year very positively, but a few little bad things since then, seem to have taken the wind out of my sails a bit, and a couple of creative rejections, nothing out of the ordinary, have made me question myself more than usual about writing, and literature. There's a surfeit of magazines around these days - the online ones such as the Manchester Review and print ones like Succour and new one Bewilderbliss. Both Succour and Bewilderbliss have a theme (respectively "Fantasies" and "The Guilty") whilst the Manchester Review gives no clues to what it wants. I kind of think that the best road is somewhere in the middle. New magazines, of course, work best when they find their theme - I remembered "Metropolitan" for instance for a certain grittiness, laced with a little of the fantastic, but I'm sure this developed over the issues. The best of my recent stories wouldn't count as a fantasy - though it could pass muster as "the guilty" I guess.

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