Saturday, March 14, 2009


Watched last night's Rough Trade Story. It wasn't particularly revelatory, but some decent old footage (mostly of Geoff Travis's black power hair!) Rough Trade always meant something to me - even I wouldn't just buy bands because they were on the label (unlike 4AD!) - for Robert Wyatt, Scritti Politti, the Fall, and of course, the Smiths. Apparently indie music was at its most successful when they went down the pan in 1991 - a bit of a rewriting of history. Post-Smiths the indie scene was utterly dire, add to that a recession (sounds familiar?), and its hardly surprising that that was when they went down. I was really only listening to hip hop and American pre-grunge (Sonic Youth etc) then.

I've been incredibly busy, following Newcastle, with London, and I'm doing a short presentation in Liverpool on Monday about social media and the arts, which I'm looking forward to - then, I've the rest of the week off, and its long overdue. Need some quality time with my "art" - and the flat seems very unloved at present! There's quite a bit of "unpacking" of my last few posts that I want to do as well.

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