Monday, August 31, 2009

Non Review

I just read Aravind Adiga's "White Tiger" which won last year's Booker. An enjoyable enough debut, but a perplexing prizewinner. It seems a little ridiculous reviewing the Booker winner a year late, particularly when I didn't think it was a particularly memorable novel. I did enjoy it, but felt it had too many designs on the reader, which led to a certain predictability setting in after the first few (very good) chapters. Basically, when the character leaves the rural Indian "Darkness" for Delhi, it loses its strangeness, and becomes a little laboured; very much a journalistic novel that shows "the other side of India", yet I'm not sure how much most of us have taken in of India's "economic miracle" as it is. Everyone I know who has visited has always come back talking at length about the immense poverty. I finished it yesterday and its already slipping from memory somewhat. After reading three first person debuts with unreliable narrators, in the last couple of weeks, I think my next read needs to bring back the omniscient author. Third person, please.


May said...

What's wrong in reviewing a year late? This is neither a newspaper nor a magazine. Anyway, you got me curious. I'll have to read this book.

Adrian Slatcher said...

Generally I'd agree - a review can come at any time, but Booker winners come with baggage, "why did this book win rather than that?" yet its historical fact that it won. The book's a weak Booker winner, but a reasonably accomplished first novel. I guess I just didn't want to get into all of that for a book that I didn't have a particularly strong view or high opinion of.