Monday, June 21, 2010

Worlds Literature Festival 2010

I will be blogging about the Worlds Literature Festival in Norwich all of this week. This year's festival, and associated "literary salon" has a theme of "educating the imagination." Bringing around 40 writers and other literary professionals and academics together from all over the world, with this year a sizable contingent from both South Africa and Australia, it's a unique experience, beloved of writers who are looking for something different from the usual Festival experience. There are a series of public events, as well as the "private" sessions of the salon. For the 3rd year I'll be blogging about the latter, to give a flavour of the discussion and create an observational record, without betraying any of the confidences of the room.

The blog posts will appear on the Writers Centre Norwich website, and I'll include the links to them as they appear rather than replicating them on my own blog. Anyone in or about Norwich there are literary events each night, which are open to the public.

For my own part I'm so pleased to be able to contribute to the event, to meet such a diverse range of writers, and to return to Norwich and UEA, where each visit to date has been an absolute pleasure. This week, we're also priviliged to be visiting Snape Maltings in Aldeburgh, a place, as a Benjamin Britten fan, I've long hoped to visit.

Day One: Imagining "the public good"

Day Two: Scanning for the Imagination

Day Three: The Civic Imagination

and finally...

Three Readings in Norwich

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Hannah Stoneham said...

Looking forward to this - it sounds really different. I wish I could be there but will happily make do with your reports!