Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Activity Holiday

A mid-August break and I'm not going anywhere; but I am doing things. Since my week in Norwich in June, I've hardly had time to process the creative thoughts from that week, so I'm wanting to spend this week being creative. It's not so easy to kickstart the creative engine in the summer months after a few weeks or months of disuse. There's so many half projects I need to pull together; quite a few ideas that have been left mouldering; and lots of the usual "I also need to find time to do that" stuff as well.

So, what's my methodology? Had a couple of days away already, and today has to be a clear the decks, get things nice and shiny kind of day. I'd like to have got up this morning and written several thousand words, but I'm not quite at that point yet. So, a bit of reading, a bit of wandering, a bit of sorting things out is in order. Later, I might even get my 8-track out and immerse myself in a bit of recording for a few hours.

Too many blogs and too many tweets and you know that I've not managed to achieve a thing...

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