Sunday, April 19, 2009

Polish Sojourn

Work takes me to Poland this week. It's a whistlestop tour, including, as of East European cliche, a visit to both a sewage works and a brewery. I hope to have an opportunity to go back, but even on this short visit I've a desire to read something Polish to whet the appetite. I have Carl Tighe's "Burning Worm", of course, a Manchester writers droll satire on being a supply teacher in Poland during the Thatcher years. I met the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, when I was in Norwich last summer, but hadn't got round to picking up one of his books. Going abroad, you always think of getting a book or two whilst you're there, but of course the majority of translations will be by British or American presses (I did buy my book of Icelandic poetry in Reyjkavik, but felt a little cheated that it had been shipped over from the U.S!) If anyone has any suggestions, then please pass them on to me.

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