Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The horror! The horror!

To the Library Theatre tonight to see the ever-reliable Lip Service's new show "Horror for Wimps." This was a spoof on horror movies rather than their usual literary fair, and rather than the songs that have peppered previous shows, it was an impressive use of specially recorded video clips that impressed. It was incredibly enjoyable to see technology used in this way; with the slippage between the two "worlds" of the present day, and fifties horror film, almost like David Cronenberg's Existenz in its slickness; albeit sillier. (Or not quite as silly, depending on your view of Cronenberg.) It was fun, as well, to see how our new super-size TVs "dominate a room" just like the old fifties ones did - this time, its the picture and surroundsound rather than the casing - but it was a timely reminder of how things come around. Of course, one of last years big films was "King Kong."

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