Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cornish Pasties

I've just made my first ever cornish pasties. Things to do before you are 40 or what? A colleague - ex-Cornwall - gave me the belt and braces version - and I think next time I'll add a little bit more spiciness, but otherwise, they taste good. How do people make pastry though? The whole house is in a total fog like a Fields of the Nephilim gig! Do you need cold hands for pastry? Yes, I think so - it sticks to me like a glove, however much flour I use - but then, come to the "rolling" and I'm brilliant - big palms you see - who needs a rolling pin? a palm sized ball is just perfect for a single pasty. Of course, I've now got 5 cornish pasties. That would keep a village going for a week!


Ms Baroque said...

I think the trick with patry is to do it FAST. Not so much cold hands as keep handling to a minimum, just be verfy brisk and matter-of-fact with the dough.

Pasties, mmmm! What a fab idea.

Adrian Slatcher said...

Thanks for the hint! They were v. nice actually