Friday, August 03, 2007

The Classics

I was recently given a lovely art deco style cabinet, which was just dying to be filled with books, but which ones? A consignment of forgotten gems from the Midlands solved the issue, and I've filled it with "classics" - half a row of those austere black-spined Penguin classics - a fair run of "modern classics" with that much loved Picador white-spines - and a sprinkling of odd and old editions of other books to fill it up. I'm still camera-free at the moment, else I'd take a photograph and post it up here. But trust me, its made me feel all grown up and serious at last. Probably a good job too, since I've been spending the last couple of days sending "virtual" fish to friends as I grow to embrace my Facebook persona. I'd thought it was a social network too far, but now I'm finding it quite fun. Heavens.

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