Thursday, March 13, 2008

Funky Paranoia

I've been listening to Talking Heads again the last few days. They're a band that weave in and out of fashion; too arty, too dancy. I remember it must have been my 15th birthday, and I was with my parents in the Woolworths in Stafford, and they wanted to buy me a record, and I think I'd only heard one song by Talking Heads at that time - "Once in a Lifetime" - but there was something alluring about a double live album of a band I didn't know. I got it home and it was horrifying - I'd not really heard any funk music, but I persevered and in many ways Talking Heads were my entry into dance music. Yet, listening to them now, you really get the paranoid nature of most of their songs and it was and is that paradox that makes them so great.

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