Friday, September 24, 2010

Didsbury Arts Festival

Just a reminder that Didsbury Arts Festival is upon us. There is a cornucopia of delights. There's a full outdoor programme today, a chance to shop locally and see local artists at the same time, as well as a wide ranging literary programme.

Highlights include...
Bird Stories with Nicholas Royle in Fletcher Moss Park (Sunday 2pm)
From Namibia to New York - poets Steven Waling and Edmund Prestwich (Monday 7pm)
Magic or Science? - Elizabeth Baines (Monday 7pm)
Jon Mcaulife, Rachel Mann and Annie Clarkson Poetry (Tuesday 7pm)
Nightjar press launch - (Wed 7pm)
Adam O'Riordan reading - (wed 7pm)
2 Contemporary Poets (Adrian Slatcher and James Davies) - Thurs 7.30

Full programme of poets and writers here.

As for me, I've got to think "what shall I read?" and "what shall I wear?"


Steven Waling said...

Not to mention Poetry and Jazz on the Tuesday at Sanctuary at 3pm

Adrian Slatcher said...

Ah, during school hours!