Saturday, February 19, 2011

Out of Town

I did my first "out of town" reading on Wednesday with Angela Topping, who organised the night, Blaze, and JT Welsch, in a pub in Northwich. It was a long night as the last train is after 11, and so wasn't home to nearly one. Good to see a cultural evening so well attended. Sometimes in the big city you can get blase about the opportunities. The night after I was at CUBE Gallery for Merzman, and exhibition (also on at Castlefield Gallery, to which I moved later), in response to Kurt Schwitters' concept of the "Merz" (itself a "found" word). Saw a few old friends, and impressed by the turnout at both galleries. There was also a fantastic performance of Schwitters' sound art, by accomplished performer Florian Kaplik. However, the art opening crowd wouldn't shut up for long enough to let the performance continue. That aside, a fascinating evening and good to speak with Ian Hunter, of Littoral arts, who are doing all they can to restore Schwitters' Merzbarn in Cumbria. More details of their projects are here. Over the next 18 months they hope for artists, musicians and writers to be able to visit the Merzbarn.

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