Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Favourite Albums of the 1990s

The 1990s gave me more money to spend - but less time (as I was working) to listen. Besides, the music that was peaking was usually more accomodated on a 12" dance record or multiple mix CD single than on an album - some dance, hip hop and house haven't lasted, but others have. Then there was the remnants of baggy ("Pills, Thrills and bellyaches" and "Screamadelica" were slow to emerge), which led into Britpop at the same time that grunge was happening. In retrospect the 90s seems, as one commentator noted, "seven years of plenty", with our pick 'n' mix approach to music showcased by the way that festivals began to have dance acts and rock acts on the same stage (and sometimes on the same song.) Its interesting how bands become attached to decades - rock and roll gives longer careers these days - so two, three or more years between Radiohead albums for instance isn't a surprise. The internet wasn't yet transforming how we listened to music (though Napster came out late in the decade, the iPod was a few years off), yet we knew it would. Out of nowhere an "indie" band became the biggest in the world - Oasis, or was that Nirvana? The split between mainstream and alternative seemed ridiculous when worldwide the biggest selling albums were by the Beastie Boys or Pearl Jam. All good stuff of course, and like the previous two decades, ample albums for a top 100. Surprised how few artists lasted from the 70s or 80s into this decade - its more since the millennium that the heritage artist (Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen) has come into their own, though there was always Neil Young, dreadful for much of the 80s, but retooled and touring with Sonic Youth in the 1990s. In retrospect, its a diverse decade, where unlikely records - Belle and Sebastian, Jeff Buckley - could gain near universal acceptance. (And I know that its a bit amazing that I've room for Lisa Lisa or Birdland rather than "Ok Computer" or "Different Class" but those are albums I never really listened to much, though I appreciate their importance!)

1 Loveless My Bloody Valentine
2 Definitely Maybe Oasis
3 Doggystyle Snoop Doggy Dogg
4 Fear of a Black Planet Public Enemy
5 Entroducing DJ Shadow
6 To Bring Me Your Love PJ Harvey
7 Exile in Guyville Liz Phair
8 If you're feeling sinister Belle and Sebastian
9 Maxinquaye Tricky
10 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine
11 Slanted and enchanted Pavement
12 In Utero Nirvana
13 Midnight Marauders A Tribe Called Quest
14 The Soft Bulletin Flaming Lips
15 In the airplane over the sea Neutral Milk Hotel
16 Sound Verite The Make Up
17 Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space Spiritualized
18 Crazy Sexy Cool TLC
19 My Life Mary J. Blige
20 Dubnobasswithmyheadman Underworld
21 Heaven or Las Vegas Cocteau Twins
22 Grace Jeff Buckley
23 Generation Terrorists Manic Street Preachers
24 So Tonight that I might see Mazzy Starr
25 Elastica Elastica
26 Black Sunday Cypress Hill
27 Whats the Story Morning Glory? Oasis
28 Suede Suede
29 Extricate The Fall
30 Transmissions from the Satellite Heart Flaming Lips
31 Nevermind Nirvana
32 The Holy Bible Manic Street Preachers
33 Dust Screaming Trees
34 Cats and Dogs Royal Trux
35 Transmissions from the Satellite Heart Flaming Lips
36 Screamadelica Primal Scream
37 The Infotainment Scan The Fall
38 Quality Street World of Twist
39 Ill Communication Beastie Boys
40 Pills, thrills and bellyaches Happy Mondays
41 Homogenic Bjork
42 Tindersticks Tindersticks
43 Mezzanine Massive Attack
44 Efil4Zaggin NWA
45 Achtung baby U2
46 Ritual de la Habitual Jane's Addiction
47 Goo Sonic Youth
48 Time Out of Mind Bob Dylan
49 Timeless Goldie
50 Ray of Light Madonna
51 Puressence Puresessence
52 Liquid Swords Genius/GZA
53 Siamese Dream Smashing Pumpkins
54 Music for the Jilted Generation Prodigy
55 Play more music Consolidated
56 Snivilisation Orbital
57 Homework Daft Punk
58 Let No Live Here Rent Free In Your Head Nicolette
59 The Predator Ice Cube
60 Death Is not the end Shut up and Dance
61 Urban Hymns Verve
62 XO Elliot Smith
63 I can hear the heart beating as one Yo La Tengo
64 Vs Pearl Jam
65 Californication Red Hot Chilli Peppers
66 Park Life Blur
67 Music has the right to children Boards of Canada
68 Accelerator Royal Trux
69 Dummy Portishead
70 Bubble and Scrape Sebadoh
71 I Wish My Brother George was here Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
72 Maya Banco de Gaia
73 Life with Brian Flowered Up
74 Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk Tim Buckley
75 Blood Sex Sugar Magic Red Hot Chilli Peppers
76 Sleeps with Angels Neil Young
77 Giant Steps Boo Radleys
78 Crooked Rain Crooked Rain Pavement
79 1. Outside David Bowie
80 Debut Bjork
81 The Bends Radiohead
82 Enter the Wu Tang Wu Tang Clan
83 When I was born for the 7th time Cornershop
84 United Kingdoms Ultramarine
85 Emperor Tomato Ketchup Stereolab
86 The Miseducation of Lauren Hill Lauren Hill
87 Done by the forces of nature Jungle Brothers
88 Copper Blue Sugar
89 Your Arsenal Morrissey
90 Tricks of the shade Goats
91 Back in  Denim Denim
92 Red Medicine Fugazi
93 The Slim Shady Eminem
94 Happiness The Beloved
95 The Writings on the Wall Destinys Child
96 Adventures beyond the Ultraverse The Orb
97 New World Order Curtis Mayfield
98 Deadline for my Memories Billy Ray Martin
99 LL77 Lisa Lisa
100 Birdland Birdland

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