Friday, May 23, 2014

Submissions open for Issue 2 of Confingo

Met the editor of Confingo Magazine, for a drink last night, and he reminded me that issue 2 of his handsome looking new magazine is now available for submissions, and you can buy it online or currently in the Cornerhouse in Manchester. Mostly, new fiction, but with a few poems, and some arresting photography, it will come out twice a year. A cutprice PDF copy is now also available. Subscribe, submit.

In other news, the St. Ann's Book Market, one of the highlights of Manchester's literary calendar is back, and for the first time, in a weather-proof tent as part of the city's spring independent markets programme. I will be reading some poetry there again on Saturday 7th June between 3 and 4pm. Lots of good and varied readers from the NW and beyond, with the host with the most, Gerry Potter, acting once again as Master of Ceremonies.

There's a great playlist of past performances on YouTube here. But more than just readings you get a chance to browse a range of book stalls run by independent publishers, always an eclectic mix of the kind of books and magazines you can't always find in the shops or even online. The book market runs all that weekend.

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