Monday, March 19, 2007

Boxin' Match: Allen Fisher v Scott Thurston

A reminder: this Wednesday, the estimable Matchbox hosts its first "event", not in a matchbox, but in somewhere (slightly) bigger. Allen Fisher and Scott Thurston will be reading at the Thirsty Scholar on Oxford Road in Manchester on Wednesday 21st March at 6.30. And its free. I will get over my allergy to literary events to attend this one, I promise. Elsewhere, Scarecrow has returned from hibernation with an offbeat generation/brutalist online anthology. Here be monsters, methinks. And the equally offbeat, Unquiet Desperation, is expanding into cities in America and elsewhere - distributed free in locations around the world since 2005 - its editor tells me that new editions are sprouting up in various US cities, and wonders why the Americans seem to get it, but the British don't. (See earlier posts about Waterstones etc. for a duh, yeah about that.)

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