Friday, March 23, 2007

Good Things

Its been a goodweek. I enjoyed the Matchbox launch in the darkness of the upstairs room of The Thirsty Scholar, with the trains pelting by overhead as accompaniment to the rhythms of the 2 poets. (See Steven Waling's blog for a fuller review.) There was a good crowd, and the literati were well in evidence, at least the more discerning end of that crowd. Last time I saw something in Thirsty Scholar it was some disturbingly loud post-rock band. The hush of poetry was, I think, better all round. The new Parameter Magazine was hot off the presses - and a good range of material in it on a first sampling. Next literary session is at the Central Library this coming Friday at 1.00, where new Salt authors Neil Campbell and David Gaffney read from their respective new short story collections.

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