Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You Should be Ashamed - in praise of Toyin Agbetu

Is there anything more symbolic, in an event to recognise 200 years of slavery, attended by the main beneficiaries of that, the Queen and her ministers, to see a black man being manhandled away from the event by security guards. Toyin Agbetu, you are my new hero. A brave man in a cowardly world. (Nide handbag by the way.)


Elizabeth Baines said...

Yes and they quietened down whole incident. First came a sympathetic in-depth interview with Toyin Agbetu on Radio 4, then the item appeared early on in on the TV news. By late evening, though, it had been pushed down the agenda, and if it's in the Guardian today I didn't see it although I looked. D notice, anyone?

Adrian Slatcher said...

I'd have had it on the front page of every newspaper with the headline "You should be ashamed" - it does make you wonder if there's an agenda to hide this kind of public protest, in deference to Helen Mirren, sorry, the Queen!